Jeremy Manyik
Viewing Room: All Artwork        Categories: Originals
2014 Award of Excellence Oil Painter of America Western Exhibition


  • 18 x 24"
Category: Originals
Media: Oils
Framed: None
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The Empty Canteen
"The Empty Canteen"
Flowers Among the Rough
"Flowers Among the Rough"
Floating Wonder
"Floating Wonder"
Nick at Night
"Nick at Night"
Ascending Expectations
"Ascending Expectations"
Gallery Kitty
"Gallery Kitty"
Evening Orchids
"Evening Orchids"
No Idea
"No Idea"
Bobcat Skull study
"Bobcat Skull study"
It Spread It's Wings
"It Spread It's Wings"
Bobcat & Radish
"Bobcat & Radish"
Goat & Eggs
"Goat & Eggs"
Snowy Mountain
"Snowy Mountain"
Spring Sorting
"Spring Sorting"
Curious Gaze
"Curious Gaze"
Grunt of the Rut
"Grunt of the Rut"
Ox at the Fort
"Ox at the Fort"
On the Trail
"On the Trail"